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It is very important that you do not rev the engine of your nitro RC cars at all when you run in their engine. Or else, you may badly damage them or even break the conrods.

This is a much easier and also a safer way to run in the engine of your nitro RC cars as you will be less likely to burn the clutch out. There is another method that is more complicated but in case it is done correctly it will give a much longer life to your nitro engine. By doing this and running your nitro RC cars in properly you will not have any problems.

Also, ensure that the engine of the nitro RC cars is broken-in on a smooth hard surface. You need to avoid breaking-in the engine on very hot or even humid days. Also, ensure that you do have a very high idle speed or else you may even burn your clutch out or may even snap the con rod. Ensure that the brake is not applied.

You need to break-in your engine without the body on the RC cars. This is done to ensure as much airflow as you can get in order to keep the engine cool. Never run the engine too lean or else, you will over heat it and that will lead to permanent damage to the internal components of your nitro engine.

Do remember that it is very normal for the engine using up a lot of fuel during this kind of a break-in. This is basically because you are running it much more than you normally would as you want to keep the engine cool as well as to flush out the engine. This is not normal setting and hence the performance of the engine will get limited. After this kind of a break-in, you will need to lean it out in order to gain the performance back.

In the first method, once your RC cars start and are slowly idling, place them on the ground. Now drive them slowly on a flat surface. Do not let the engine of the car run for more than three minutes. You need to run your car slowly for short periods till you go through at least 2 – 3 tanks of fuel. Also, do not over accelerate during this procedure, since it will damage the engine real badly.